Re:2d/3d integration

Yeah…just watched the july “Toon Boom Animate “More for Less” Tour _ Part 2 C” on youtube where it’s mentioned (6:15) as coming “in a few months” and was wondering the same.

When will toon boom have the 2d/3d integration plug in ready for use. I have been anxiously waiting for its release. I work with maya and would like to have 3d models imported into toon boom’s 2d animation programs. ???

Found out it will be included in the next “paid” upgrade that may be released in a few months.

H U R R A H !!! any other future news?

uh…you can pay $400 for a year of animate pro tech support which includes the next paid upgrade for free (if it’s released within the year). It may be a cheaper route than paying for just the upgrade once it’s released. You can add the support to your license at any time.

Thats great I cant wait. Thanks. Does that include the educational version.?? :-\

I would guess it does not apply to the educational version since there’s usually no educational-to-educational upgrade. I remember that upgrading from educational to commercial was slightly less than than just buying the commercial version. This last holiday sale was a killer though…getting Animate Pro for under $1000.