Random point jumping

I’m on day 4 of the 30 day trial (which could be part of my problem), and I’m getting random jumps of the mouse, generally when I switch tools, the first click after. I’ll get a straight line, or when using a selection tool, get an area that randomly selects.

I’m not sure what’s going on, if my tablet is picking up some interference, but I’ve never had this problem before in any other programs.

My system specs: MacbookPro, 2.2 GHz dual-core, 2gb memory, with a Wacom Intuos3 tablet.


I never did encounter such issue but this seems to be something related to the tablet. You may want to get new drivers and remove all your preferences files from the current drivers to see if you are getting better result. Have you also noticed similar behavior with other softwares?

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I’ve been using this same tablet for the last year, and never before in any other program have I had this problem. I’ve used it since in other programs, and again, no problems. I’ll be using the TBS trial tonight in a different location, I’ll report if I have this problem again.