Random horizontal glitching after I export

I am working on a project in TBS 4.5 using PNG images imported and vectorized in Toon Boom animating cut-out style. I have been exporting Quick time movie versions of various scenes from the project and certain scenes (not all) are getting a rippling, horizontal glitch that passes down across the screen as well as a camera “Stutter”. It is not on all scenes, but the few secenes that have it, the ripples are never consistent (for example sometimes they appear at the top of the screen 3 seconds in, and sometimes they dont occur until 4 seconds later and it will be in the middle of the screen. I have been exporting many different ways to try to fix it but there is no real change… can anyone point me in the right direction?

It sounds like an issue with the quicktime settings at export time. Check to make sure that you are not applying filters and that the quality level is high enough.