Random closed and deleted my save data from that session.

I spent all day today working on an animation. After about 900 frames of work I was deleting some lines and Toon Boom randomly closes without prompting me at all. I thought it was no big deal, because I had been saving throughout the day and would have only lost about 20 frames. I opened Toon Boom back up and all my work was gone. I checked the project folder and there was literally no trace that I had worked on it at all today. Is there a second place things get saved or a way to recover this deleted work? Also what happened and how do I avoid this from happening again?

Contact support to have a look.
This can happen if you save to a location that’s synched with cloud storage.

Edit your projects only when they’re on the internal hard drive
of the system and always zip/compress project
folders before moving them.