RAM and OpenGL questions

Hi ToonBoomers,

I am currently working on a feature that is using Harmony. We are using 3D objects, a ton of characters with deforming builds, and a whole bunch of compositing right in the program.

I have two questions about how to optimize the use of the program:

  1. Is there any way to allocate more RAM to the program?

All this stuff in one file gets very heavy. Personally I would not do it this way, but if you have built your program hoping that people will Layout, Animate, FX, and Composite in one file, we will definitely need the full use of our RAM to get this done. Our computers have 16 GB (I would prefer more) but it doesn’t seem like Harmony will even use that much. Right now, Harmony has been stuck thinking about a process for 30 minutes, but when I look at the task manager, it is only using 4GB of RAM, when it could easily be using 8 with no effect to the running of Windows or other applications. I have seen in other forums that this doesn’t seem possible, but if you guys want to play the feature film game, it would be wise to fix this.

  1. Is there a way to render openGL frames at a resolution larger than 1080p?

openGL renders are the fastest way for us to see what we are doing. There is a specific process by which we need to render larger than our scene resolution to test things like post-camera shake, but when we set the custom perameters to larger than scene width and height, the actual render is never larger than 1080p. I do not see this addressed in any documentation or forums.

Thank you for your consideration.

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