Rain drop / water ripples

Looking for tips for creating a simple ripple as a rain particles hits the ground if anyone has any suggestions?
Thank you.

Are you using Harmony particle effects? Sounds like it. You say you want to create a “ripple” as the rain hits the ground? Wouldn’t you want a small splash instead?

Hi Zebtoonz, Yes I am using Harmony “Rain” particle effect, a small splash would probably work good as well.

The Splash would also be a lot easier to do.

The ripple is a “feature” effect rather than default in animation because it can be complex to create a ripple for every drop and then how each rippler interacts.

One thing to keep in mind with the particle system is that there is no way right now to say, when the particle hits a bounce plane > switch to a new drawing. So what you would do here is you would probably set two particle systems, one for the rain and one for the particles splashing back up again.

Hope this helps!


Hi, i was just wondering what program you’re using, and what steps you took to create the ripple and rain particle hitting the ground! Thankyou… In need of help.

Check out Jean-Loïc Fontaine’s Rain Particle Tutorial: