radial blur creating a lo-rez image?

i want to use a radial blur on a camera move at the tail end of a shot. I used the preset in the Radial Blur properties, and i set some keyframes to control the blurriness from a range of 0-3 over the camera move. the blur does its job here.

however i am noticing that the entire image is suffering from the radial blur over the entire length of the shot. there is a low quality look to it in both the render view and in a rendered QT. when i disable the Radial Blur the image appears as it should. the second I enable it, the image looses its sharpness. any thoughts?

here are two links of the image in the Render view at 100%. the first one has the radial blur enabled. you can see the tree is pixelated.


this second image has the blur disabled. the tree (and everything else) appears as it should.


Contact support to have a look at your project.

maybe i will. i’m noticing this is happening on everything i hook a radial-blur-zoom to in any part of the network. when i drag a fresh module into the network and attach to anything, it pixelates that object. that doesn’t seem normal, correct?

Try pumping up the Angle Quality and Radius Quality to a higher value (maximum 5) but this will increase the render time.

yeah i tried that but it doesnt seen to help. i just realized those two screen shots probably aren’t showing the issue clearly enough. here’s a close up and whast going on with the entire image.

crappy (radial blur zoom ON with ZERO blurriness):

what it should look like (radial blur zoom OFF):

continuing with this thread for the sake of trouble shooting, i asked a buddy of mine who has 10.3 on a newer-ish mac tower to try hooking up a radial blur-zoom to a layer in a fresh scene on his end to see what happens. he gets the same result as i do on my PC.

it seems that this is a bug. its a cool effect, but if i can’t control what its doing to the image it doesn’t serve me. zeroing all parameters out, and bumping up the quality does not alleviate the problem.

so there you go!

Perhaps you can duplicate the element so that you have a pristine original image and use the effect, then reveal the original unmodified image underneath when you don’t wish to have the effect - just an idea.