Rack Focus / Control

In Animate Pro:
I seem to be having some trouble setting up the radius to control the rack Focus. In the Animate Pro manual it states:

"In the Side view window, you can see how the blur values change based on their distance from the focal point. Select
the Focus module in the Network view, then right-click on the Side view window and select Control from the pop-up

When i go to the side view and right click I don’t get a pop-up menu?? Am i missing something? is there something I need to have turned on in the Preferences for this to work? I’m totally confused because this seems like such a simple thing that I don’t see how I could be doing anything wrong. hahah any help would be appreciated.

What tool do you have activated when you try to right-click? If you have a tool like the brush tool that you can’t use in that window, then it’ll show a no-entry tooltip that shows you that you can’t use that tool there. Select the transform-tool and right-click and you should see the pop-up menu.

You can also access “Control” from the top menu by going View > Show > Control.

Hope this helps!

Toon Boom Support

hey lilly

I think my context menu problem was just some flakey unexplained computer thing. Reboot = no problem with that. However the control view for the Focus is still not working for me. I just watched someone at work do it with an old copy of Opus and it worked fine.

here’s essentially what I am trying to do

Has anyone had any problems with the Focus module in Animate Pro besides me??? If someone with Pro reads this could they test on their machine and post back? I would appreciate it


Hello Greg,

Thank you for your patience. I have investigated this issue here and the control no longer shows directly on the focus module. What you need to do is attach a peg to the focus module (this peg will indicate which area will be in focus) then you can show the control on the peg and animate the peg over time.

Please do the following:

1. If you already have a camera with a peg attached in your scene, temporarily detach the peg for your camera (I’ll call this Cam_Peg)

2. Now drag a focus module into the network

3. Drag a new peg (I’ll call this Focus_Peg) into the network - connect the out port of Focus_Peg to the Camera in port as well as to the Focus in port. Add a keyframe to your Focus_Peg in the timeline.

4. With Focus_Peg selected, switch over to your side view and so a View > Show > Show Control (or right-click and Control) - now you should be able to see your keyframe as a yellow dot - this indicates the position of the peg, and the focus module will focus around this position

5. Animate the Focus_Peg to achieve the rack focus that you desire

6. Now you’ll need to reattach your original peg to the camera. You’ll have the following structure:

/ <br /> / <br /> / Focus_Peg
/ |
| |
Camera Focus

By having this kind of a structure, your Camera will be animated with the Cam_Peg, and the Focus will stay at the same position relative to the camera unless you decide to rack focus and animate the Focus_peg to achieve this rack focus.

Hopefully this helps you to achieve your goal!

Toon Boom Support

thanks Lilly!

essentially that is what I ended up doing and it works fine. Apparently the manual is a little out of date with the Focus module for pro lol! I’m ocd with features and always have to know how everything works hahaha. Thanks so much for taking the time on this. I feel like there is something wrong with me if I can’t get something to work.