How do I get the quicktime file size down to a managable level? When I export a qt from v3 the qt ends up being a couple of GB’s. I can’t figure out how to reduce the file size significantly. Does anyone have any suggestions?

you have two possibilities in qt movie export dialog window:
the type and the compression settings. try to play with them.
use a compression and not necessarily the animation with millions of colors + (’+’ stands for an alpha channel).
you’ll find out what suits you the best.
additionally you can play with the audio settings, but it’s better to leave them in peace.

I find the best compression is the Sorensen 3 codec. You can change the “limit data rate” for better or worse quality too, altho the lower, the worse quality obviously.


Hi Guys,

I used Sorenson3 quite a lot but my favorites are the Mp4, h.263 and of course the new h.264.

The h.264 offer the best quality/file zise performance. It comes with QuickTime 7 and is available in TBS if you install the latest free quicktime player.

The down size is that the viewer needs to have Qt7 installed.

BTW, there are many other details to look at when saving your QT files (not just file size). Data rate are often as important as the file size and to often overlooked.

Take this in consideration while reducing file size (specially for the web).

1- Video: Compressor, Camera size, amount of colors, data rate, key framing, multi pass encoding (for certain compressors).

2- Don’t forget to compress the audio:

Mono or Stereo ? (stereo has twice the amount of data and in most case not recognized by the online viewer)
Sound sampling, sound depth, etc. Usually a 16bit/22kHz sampling is used for the web (Mp4 and Ulaw2:1 are good audio compressors).

Adobe offers a few primers. All free, have a look:


I recommend reading ‘Digital Video Primer’, 'Digital Sound Primer’

then ‘Streaming Media Primer’ (if you plan to do streaming on the web),

the HD and DV compressor primer if you plan to go for TV.