Quicktime Version Help?

Reading the forum I see that anything beyond Quicktime 7.3.1 stops the preview facility from working. Is there anywhere I can obtain an earlier version of Quicktime? Unfortunately, I upgraded Quicktime to 7.4 weeks before I even heard of Toonboom (purchased TBS 4 only a few days ago). Everytime I click on download URLs for Quicktime 7.3 I get dead pages or I am linked to downloads of QT 7.4.


If you are on PC you should be able to get Quicktime 7.1.5 at http://www.oldversion.com/. This one works fine with Toon Boom Studio.

For Mac we did not manage to find any link yet. You might want to contact Apple directly to see if they could provide the version manually from their archive.



This is version 7.16 for Mac.
I cant try it to see whether it is plagued with the problems the current versions has because i am Windows based.


Thanks for the responses. I should have mentioned I’m on a Mac G5. I downloaded the earlier QT 7.2 but it will not install due to having elements of a later QT version (7.4) installed. Apple forum indicates I need to do an Archive and Install - which means additionally having to reinstall all 3rd party apps. This could lead to complications so I’ll wait for Apple to sort out Quicktime Flash rendering in a later version - maybe never!