Quicktime to Youtube

Hello, I’ve rendered most of my toons to quicktime in hopes of uploding them to youtube or google video. When I do it, they play fine on my computer or anyone else’s, but when I upload them to youtube they skip frame to frame, like a picture.

The reason I’ve done this is because whenever I upload them to swf file they are out of sink.

does anyone have any advise on the youtube thing though?

I apologize if anyone has already made a topic similar to this, I couldn’t find any.

Please have a look here:



I had a similar problem with my recent upload to youtube, however my earlier uploads are playing smoothly.

Now, to avoid the frame skipping problem, i use the settings 320 X 240, H.264 before exporting to QT format.


I would add that in the Quicktime export settings it will help if you set the key frame rate to 1. I had a similar problem and that helped me.

I ran mine through I-tunes, which lowered the file size quite a bit, then put them on youtube. Seemed to work fine.

I read it, but how do I do this exactly? where do I go to find the video settings?

Well, I can speak only for QuickTime 7.2 :

When you export your “Movie to QuickTime Movie”, click on the “Options…-Tab” /
(you should find that under “Export” in the “Save exported file as…” window) /

that will open the Movie Setting / check Video and click on the Settings…-Tab /
that will open the “Standard Video Compression Settings” /
choose your “Compression Type” and adjust any settings to your needs /
when you are done click OK /

open the “Size-Tab” and adjust the settings /

check Sound (if you have any) / open the “Settings…-Tab” and make your choice /
and check “Prepare for Internet Streaming” / “Fast Start” would be appropriate /
click OK and Save your movie.


Thank you very much! it worked! the quality isn’t that great but I’m thankful for this! it will be good until I can get a better player or something ;D