Quicktime support for Windows 8 / 8.1

I rendered my first shot in Harmony stand alone. I saw a prompt that said Quicktime was not installed, and .mov file renders were not available. When I looked for a Windows 8 compatible Quicktime download I didn’t find any at Apple or Microsoft. What are people doing about this? I will have to render Quicktime movie files for an upcoming project. I’m new to Windows 8; have used macs and older PC’s.

at ease…


the download for win7 is compatible in win8, install, and everything will be fine :slight_smile:

Update: QT installed and rendering.

Thanks again, Frank, for your help. I seem to be having a hard time parsing reality from hyperbole when it comes to information about Windows 8. I did search the Microsoft Windows site, too. Support from Asus, my laptop maker, is material for a future situation comedy.

I also cannot get my monitor calibration settings to ‘stick’. Every time I start the computer I have to go to the color control panel and specify ‘use default color settings’. The machine starts up with the saved settings, then after a minute the screens revert back to the uncalibrated color [?]

I didn’t expect Windows to be as ‘fall off a log’ easy as the Mac OS, but it’s so far beyond my worst expectations. Do you know of an information repository for Windows graphics or animation concerns? Wading through piles of unspecific mess meant for more casual users is turning into a huge drag on what should be production time.

sorry to hear you are having so many issues, but I honestly have not encountered anything like this. the biggest problem i ever had with windows over my 20 year history with it was it once kept dropping my connection to a USB wifi stick i had to use for a while in an apartment, but that has since been fixed. the color calibration may be a hard ware issue. most stuff is backwards compatible from previous versions of windows. its not like mac where if you are not running the most current version of the OS it simply wont run. check out Color Management in the Control Panel. see if what you are looking for is in there.

from my experience, i find working on a mac to be a giant headache, and i find myself in your position every time I have to (which will be next week for a few weeks). i actually find the UI clunky and all i see is a sea of grey boxes overlapping each other. my point is that eventually i settle in and you will, too. give it time.