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seeing how TB requires sound to be a separate element as opposed to part of the imported images I am trying to create a wav from the movie file. It is a .mov file from which i was able to create the image sequences… after eight tries of having TB crash on me while loading the 1000 plus images, I finally got them in there and saved… now to the sound… is there anyone out there familiar with quicktime pro for windows that can tell me why my sound file is coming out blank? it has the right number of frames when imported into TB, but there is no sound - went into sound editor and it was flatlined… to create the file, I loaded the .mov file in quicktime then exported it using the option ‘sound to wav’… it took some time to complete so I figured something was happening… but nothing was there… any help would be greatly appreciated… thanks in advance…

do i understand right?
1. you have a .mov file which you imported into qtpro, then generated images sequence, which you then loadad into tbs and saved.
2. now you want to do the same with the audio track.

i don’t have a qtpro, but hasn’t the tool other audio export formats? have you tried .mp3 or .aiff, too?
if it doesn’t work, then try to export the whole movie into an .avi, which you can then split in a free ‘virtualdub’ software.
just some thoughts.

Hi rob -

Thanks for the feedback… yes, you have the scenerio correct… interesting… I can go into microsoft media player and the sound is there off the full version of the movie… i go into quicktime and there is no sound whatsoever off the same movie … i went into the preferences to see if the volume was off or down and all seems fine… any suggestions? thanks

hey all -

stupid me - the file i am trying to get audio out of is an avi file - question is, can quicktime produce an audio file out that works or is there some other utility out there that will do the job for me… in essence i am trying to take the avi, extract the stream I want, then create a sound file that can be imported into tb … thanks

virtualdub → http://virtualdub.sourceforge.net/

hey rob

thanks for the tip … i downloaded virtualdub and for some reason cannot get the audio to split off from the video - i have read the help manuals and am just at a loss… any ideas on how to do this? thanks

does ‘file > save wav’ work?
i try to reach a friend, a virtualdub professional. he used to do this for the whole feature films. i’ll keep you informed.
cheers and a happy new year.

ok, i can’t reach him. but i opened an avi movie and the file > save wav command has generated a working audio file… ::slight_smile:

hi - can’t thank you enough for your time and help… i went into virtualdub, did the save wav and got static for an output… went into quicktime, did a movie info to see what format the movie was in and it reported this…

QT reports the file to be in a


this tell you anything? thanks, dan

this is a digital video file, extension .dv, aimed for video devices, looks somewhat distorted on a computer screen.
if you’re on a mac, you could try imovie to save the movie in any format which can be exported from qtpro as image sequence.
if you use a pc, you could try a free ‘avid free dv’, but i have no further experience with the tool.
to be frank i only exported a .dv file from tbs once and did then nothing with it (it was a contest entry to be delivered)…

Hi Rob -

Thanks for the help… I found a piece of software from River Past called Audio converter pro that did the trick… it extracted the sound into a wav file that cleanly went into TB… hey, I appreciate all your help - you have a good new year… thanks, dan