quicktime rendering time

what has the biggest effect on rendering time with quicktime?

my renders with flash seem to go way faster so i’m wondering if some settings will speed up the quicktime renders.



Generally renders will be faster if your computer has a faster processor and more RAM.

Beyond that, closing other programs will help. It’s also a good idea to flatten the vector strokes for each vector drawing level. Going into the menu-File-Optimize can also help to speed up the rendering. Note that choosing a different codec/compressor and streaming options can also affect the rendering.

hello. thanks for the tip about flattening vectors. i have a fast machine
6 core i7 3930 w/ 64gigs of ram. is there a setting in toonboom to maximize the power?

you don’t happen to know which codec/renderers work the fastest without too much of a hit in quality do you?


Well the default “Animation” codec is pretty good when its mostly flat (i.e. untextured) colors. Other than that I usually go with the H.264 codec because of the quality.

With six cores you could probably render one project and open another instance of the software to edit a 2nd project while it’s rendering the first.

i can’t think of a scenario where i would have multiple projects going. usually concentrated on one big chunk at a time.

maybe planning ahead and breaking them into smaller sections? could be…will have to try it.

if i save out my latest file but with a different name (in different versions) like project_004 while rendering Project_003 since i only want the quicktime i could just move ahead working in 4 on and leaving 3 behind no work lost. this sound feasible? i suppose if i did that too many times would folder directories start to become really cluttered?

i think the saving style is different than i’m used to.

Often storyboard artists split their boards to maximize resource usage, usually by act but sometimes even by sequence. This is made simpler in V4 by using the “File” menu’s “Project Management” tools.

You can then recombine the entire board once the project is finalized and no more edits are required.