Quicktime render with Ep#_Sc#_shot# burn in

I asked Lilly and I am asking here as well. Lilly told me there is a script that exists for both Harmony and Animate Pro that allows a burn in (episode number_Scene number_Shot number) to render on the quicktime.

This is very useful in a production pipeline when the animation supervisor, director producer are reviewing a show’s animation for a studio in an edit suite and you want to take note of the scene number (and possibly the name of the animator) visible on screen to immediately assign notes and revisions without asking the editor to scroll and expand the timeline on Final Cut or Avid to give us the information every time we need to flag a shot.

It’s a time saver for everyone involved.


Just as a note, I’m digging around for the script now, and I’ll post it when we manage to locate it. 8)