Quicktime Movies exporting pixelated

Hi all,

I’ve tried exporting QT Movies from TBS 4.5 and when I export the movies look very pixelated. I tried several different export codecs. I’m on Mac Snpow LEopard and have Quicktime 10. I used to be able to click Ctrl-J and it would “Show Movie Properties” which would allow me to select “high quality” which would fix the problem a bit. ANy ideas?

Many thanks to all of you!!!

Well, can’t really say without knowing your TBS project- and QT export settings…?

Not sure, if this will help with your pixelated movie…?
Open the movie in QuickTime 7 and from the the Movie Properties check “High Quality”…
(If Snow Leopard didn’t move QT 7 to the Utilities folder during installation, you might like and download it from the Apple website.)


Make sure to set your Camera Size to a high enough resolution.

This can be found in File > Animation Properties.