Quicktime mov file is black...no animation. Nopthing

When I export to qt all I get is a black screen instead of the animation. Avi and flash exports are fine , but the qt mov file is a black screen. In TB the preview is transparent in the back ground , the animation floating on the top. This was sudden .
Any help , am in the middle of a project.
As I said this suddenly happening , did I flip a switch by accident with my stylus ?
Is this a known QT problem.


Well I found that on the export…via quicktime …using the “animation” codec does not work . I must have pulled the switch by mistake when waving the jolly old pen over the tablet.
So I used mpg4 which works fine , proper rending and hd rendition. The other switches I have not yet tried.
Tune in to see what the next thing is , looks okay now. ::slight_smile: