Quicktime .mov file is 0 bytes

I’m using Animate 3, and everything works fine. (I also have a Harmony version at school, so I am familiar with TB)

When I export a Quicktime movie, everything LOOKS like it works fine, and a ,mov file is created. However, the file is
0 bytes…it is an empty file.

Any ideas? I can export an .swf file, and it plays fine. When I do a preview render and play, it also works fine.

Are you on a Mac? OS X Mavericks has some issues with Quicktime files and certain codecs

and have Sophos anti-virus installed it’s impossible to export as QuickTime HD movie. Uninstall Sophos and it will probably work like a charm again. I found out this issue while I tried to export from AnimatePro 3 and after contact with ToonBoom support.

Yes, I’m using Mac 10.7.5…no Sophos anti-Virus.

Contact ToonBoom support. They lead you through until you find whats causing the problem.