Quicktime for PC discontinued

Quicktime for PC has been discontinued and has been flagged as being vulnerable to remote attacks on PC. Storyboard Pro relies on it for audio playback and video export, so what now? Is there an alternative or a change Toonboom will implement to export to a video format other than the often buggy .swf and an alternative way to play audio in the timeline? I think this is something to address as your PC version is now becoming obsolete.

Yes, it is a concern - but more from the viewpoint of support. Quicktime is no longer supported or developed, and a good alternative on Windows is still an issue.

In the meantime, uninstall Quicktime, and re-install Quicktime but choose the CUSTOM options, and TURN OFF THE PLAYER OPTION.

This will install the required codecs which allow Toonboom to import and export through Quicktime, while the vulnerable component (QT player) is not installed. And this means no security issues.

So: just install the codecs, and do not install the player, and you will be fine for the time being. Let’s hope a good viable alternative will be implemented rather sooner than later in Toonboom. At least mp4 and avi formats would be very welcome. And no more reliance on Quicktime - the Toonboom devs ought to have left this dependency in the bin years ago.