Quicktime exports come out entirely black

When I export a Quicktime movie from Animate, it comes out entirely black, even though a preview within Animate is fine, and camera view is fine.

Am I doing something wrong?

Been there, done that, i am guessing that your animation was strickly black line. if you add a drawing of a box to fill the frame with a colour (don’t forget to extend it to the length of the clip) then when you export you will see your animation. I am sure the experts can explain this better, do a quick export with a blue line and you will see what I mean

yeah that is the normal issue, the background is black and if all your drawing is black you won’t see anything.

Use a colour card to get around this.

Ok. How totally bizarre.

Is there some point to that? Has any animator in history drawn on black animation paper?

I think the logic behind it being coded that way is that is what opengl displays if nothing is there.

If you want white paper to work with you need to put in the view. A lot of animation has been done on transparent paper as technology moved.

It actually makes a lot of sense if you think about it, but i did the exact same thing you did except i had coloured in so i could see something and figured the problem.