Quicktime export on Batch composite

Is it possible to export quicktime movies with the batch composite?

I’m trying to export several parts of an animation as Quicktime movies.
I set the write modules for export (check both files and movie checkbox on the write module).
Sent the render to the server.
After sometime, the TGA sequence is there, but there is no quicktime at all.
On the Render queue both jobs are marked with complete, no errors or something like that.
Eve though, No movie at all…

Does anybody know what is happening?

Thanks in advance


First go into the write module and click the Settings… button for the video.
For the Motion section set the key frame to “All” instead of Every X Frames;
this is especially important when rendering to the H.264 Codec.

If your movie still doesn’t render, verify that the folder path you are writing to does not contain non-allowed characters. Finally - compare the version of the Quicktime Player on your computers. Uninstall and install the latest version of Quicktime on all systems (reboot after doing this).

If I had to guess though, I would suspect that there is an accented letter in the path you are trying to render to. It’s unlikely that all your Quicktime versions are
damaged. You should contact support to have a look.

This could be due to a lot of factors…

Does the movie render locally?
Select to render both Drawings AND Movie in the Write module (this doesn’t actually take longer to render) do the individual drawing files get rendered?

Is the render stations running the same O.S. as the workstations that specified and saved the movie options in the “Write” module? Due to quirks in the way Quicktime defines it’s Movie settings and Codecs, they are different on different O.S.s. It’s best to open the scene and select the movie options from the render station if in doubt.

Also verify that the path you are exporting to is accessible to the usabatch user from the render station. Avoid spaces, accented characters and special symbols from the export path and file name.

Also verify the case-sensitivity of the path you are writing to. Remember that Windows does not respect case-sensitivity but Mac and Linux does.
It may be an upper/lower case issue.

Hi rkriz:

I’ve tried to batch compose several scenes, all have the same result. No movies, only frames.

I can render movie files on all scenes locally, and with batch render, I get only frames, not movies. It seems that it can make the individual frames, but can not “pack” then in a movie. and only one time, there was an error message on the render queue, but it was very unconclusive:

Process completed. Composite session returned with an unknown status

We are using Windows on all machines (even the server). So we can not connect Mac machines on the network (because our server is a windows machine), and we have no linux machines.

I still don’t know why this happens…