quicktime error

So, I just installed toonboom version 3.5.1. The following error happens on both machines upon hitting the enter key to preview the animation:

"An error occurred in QuickTime while preparing the movie for playback. Please refer to the Readme for more information."

I can’t find the readme file. The download link has 5 files for download, none of them are a Readme file. The installation folder Toon Boom Studio V3.5.1 contains 1 application and 2 folders, no ReadMe there either.

the install link has the info:
3. To run Toon Boom Studio and Toon Boom Studio Express, you must install QuickTime with the “Recommended” installation setting. There are some files that Toon Boom Studio needs that may not be installed if you install QuickTime with the “Minimum” or “Custom” settings.

However on reinstalling quicktime with the standalone installer there is only one install option, no customizing available…

Machine specs:

OS 10.4.8 with quicktime 7.1.3 pro on an intel macbook pro and a quad G5. Disk premissions repaired, reinstalled quicktime 7.1.3. didn’t work.

thanks for any help.


The Toon Boom Studio Quick Preview might not work anymore when upgrading to QuickTime 7.1.3 or later. QuickTime needs to be configured properly to work with Toon Boom Studio. Open the QuickTime Player, Select the Edit menu and then select Preferences => QuickTime Preferences. Inside the new window, select the Advanced tab and locate the checkbox that says Enable playback of Flash tracks. This option must be checked in order to work with Toon Boom Studio.


Thierry “Digicod”

That fix worked, and on OS X at least, the advanced tab location is Quicktime Player->Quicktime Preferences.