QuickTime audio options issue

A particular experience on Windows XP:

In Animate 1, with QuickTime 7.6.0, when I wanted to export a movie and set the audio options, the program has unexpectedly quit.
Has helped me switch to the QuickTime version 7.5.5, to avoid inconvenience.
If anyone has another solution, do it know. Thanks all.


You would probably get a faster response if you posted it in the right thread, I think Lilly wanted this section for Tips & Tricks. :wink:

I wasn’t sure if this was a problem or if it was just a heads-up to others. There was a problem with the audio options from Animate 1 that only occurred when Quicktime updated their interface. Sometimes Quicktime does updates and it can affect software that’s already out there using Quicktime. For us, their update prevented people from being able to access the audio options - so I think he’s just giving a heads-up to people that are still using Animate 1, not to update their version of Quicktime.

Needless to say, this is not an issue in Animate 2, so if you are using Animate 2 you can use the latest version of Quicktime.

Toon Boom Support

Hi Alex, Lilly.

I think my wording is not sufficiently clear, and appreciate your patience. I posted this problem that I have been presented in Animate 1, where at the beginning, the program is always closed while I clicked the audio options of QuickTime 7.6
But, with alternative use, so I had loaded on my notebook, and there is not appeared the problem, with QuickTime 7.5.5. version. So, I replaced in my computer the QuickTime 7.6 version, by QuickTime 7.5.5 and the problem was solved.
I posted here because it was a problem, and solved in this way, and I thought that others should know this, if they encountered a similar case, and as a recommendation or tip.
There may be other solutions, but on this, the specialist is Lilly. Thanks for reply. Best Regards.