Quicktime 7.4.5 Toon boom Studio on a Mac

Just updated to QT 7.4.5 and found I have lost all preview functions in Toon Boom. Searched other forums and seems like it is a common problem for Mac OSX / Toon boom users. Also can’t easily, if at all, revert to older version of QT.

Any fix from Toon boom in the works??? Hurry cause my only other option is to wipe my hard drive and start from scratch if I hope to not loose a current big job. What a pain!

If I had known I never would have updated!

hi sam
at the moment there is no quick fix ( i’m very sure the toon boom team is on this )

may i suggest that you do low rez exports as quick renders
the render times about the same
there just a few more steps to take, but i think in the long run
you’ll be better off, it’s not worth losing a job over a few min. of rendering
and starting from scratch

hang in there


Thanks Jimmyd13! The smoke has cleared a bit since I hit the wall with QT, I have calmed down and will take your advice. I also found the sticky at the beginning of the forum and will wait for a fix. Thanks again!