Quickstart Tutorial

I am wanting to do the quickstart tutorial for Toonboom but can’t find the images to use. I have download the zip and the pdf. But the old man rough is not there.
Can someone tell me where to find it?

Well, in the folder “QuickStart Material” go to / Lesson4_Sceneplanning /
Sceneplanning_Rough / open (double click) Sceneplanning_Rough.tbp /
open the Library Tab and import the Template “old man walk cycle.tbt” into your Global Library /
drag that Template from the Library into your Timeline /
open the QuickStart Tutorial.pdf, page 31, and start with Lesson 4…

If you like, here is a short video demonstration of that lesson:
(no sound, it’s all fairly self-explanatory)


Thanks for the speedy reply. I am speaking of the first lesson drawing I can’t find the old man rough to do the lesson.

To start the Drawing lesson:
1. Download the Quick Start Tutorial files from the Toon Boom Animation website. You
can click the Quick Start Tutorial link on the Welcome Screen to open the
appropriate Web page.
2. Open the Drawing_Rough animation project in the Lesson1_Drawing folder.
3. Save the animation in a location of your choice using File> Save As. Saving this
animation project to a new location will ensure that you always have the original to
return to and use should you want to.