Quick tutorial for 3D Sterioscopic Render

Hello guys,
For those who have Animate Pro 2 & explored this latest feature of 3D Sterioscopic, Please tell me how to use it. I’m not asking for a professional video tutorial or something like that… I’m just saying that just type whatever steps you did.

Actually I was making a short-film for my college assignment in ToonBoom Animate Pro & I need to submit it tomorrow. Just received my Toon Boom Animate Pro 2 last night, So I decided that I can submit it in 3D (that will surely amaze them & I’ll get full marks :stuck_out_tongue: )

Since no tutorials available on net, please help me achieving this… just basic 3d sterioscopic effect.

Thanks a lot in advance.

Although the tutorials are not available yet, I think I just want to caution you that this might not be something that you can accomplish that quickly. You would need to set up a scene where you have two cameras, and then you need to render your scene from each camera. Then when you have your series of both images, you need to use a separate program to composite the images together using whichever kind of stereoscopic you’re interested in using.

Also, you need to have the right glasses and screen to view it. If you’re just looking on a regular computer, then the cheapest way is with the blue/red glasses. Otherwise the other way you can view it is with the strobing powered 3D glasses, and for this to work you need to make sure that you have the ability to watch it on a screen/television that outputs at 120 Hz.

From the Animation point of view, also you need to keep in mind that to see any kind of effect with the 3D output, you have to have your scenes set up as a multiplane scene with your elements on different z-depths - so if you have your scene set up flat, then you won’t see anything and you’ll need to go back and re-work your scenes.

I don’t mean to be discouraging I only mean to say that if you want to get this great effect to work, then you need to plan for it in advance, and you need to test it. Once you have everything set up and working right, it doesn’t take much time to do, but doing it for the first time I’d definitely recommend playing around with it for at least a week before you need your final product. One day is cutting it a little close…

Best of luck!

Toon Boom Support

So is this actually a new feature in v2 or is it something that could just as easily be done in v1?

Taking a look through newly downloaded Animate 2 and seeing no documentation whatsoever about Stereocopic 3D…just teaser video online. The post above makes me pause…render in another program?! What program and what is cost? Seems disingenuous to promote this feature without full disclosure up front.

I am pretty sure that, with stereoscopic 3D becoming the new standard in the CG film industry, Toon Boom has to keep up with the times and advertise/show that the software can indeed produce 3D stereoscopic animation. Once you know how, it will be easy to determine that you could do it in v1 as well. Have you noticed? In the detailed features section, if you check all the new and enhanced features of version 2, none of them have to do with stereoscopic 3D. Why? Because it’s not new. The capabilities for stereoscopic 3D was always there, all the way back to Digital Pro, even!
But since Avatar, stereoscopic 3D is now almost mandatory for all animation and VFX software, so all that Toon Boom needs to do to be up to date, is write up a procedural tutorial to achieve that. You will have two renders, one for each camera, but you will need an editing software to combine them together. Why? Why not render it combined in Toon Boom? Because stereoscopic 3D demands flexibility, what works on an IMAX screen may need to be re calibrated for your home theater system. Not exactly sure, but I don’t believe it’s a one size fits all output.

If you are interested in stereoscopic 3D production, may I suggest the book-
3D Movie Making: Stereoscopic Digital Cinema from script to screen by Bernard Mendiburu. :slight_smile:

JPilotte is right on the money, the ability to produce stereoscopic 3D was always there with Animate Pro. Avatar has completely changed the industry and prior to it’s release I would say the majority of people wouldn’t have even considered it possible to make their work 3D. Just before they released AP2 Toon Boom realised how alluring this feature would be to customers and a powerful marketing tool. Check this thread out from a few months back, where Lilly is talking about implementing the feature:

Well I have become curious on this topic.

So what is the workflow meant to be?

Just render 2 cameras and the rest is done in post editing or does animate render the left and right (and thus adding the blue and red for you) and then you just combine them somehow?

That teaser video from toonboom looks awesome. Is there some sort of scipt to output the render correctly?