Quick Time

I teach a class, that uses Harmony Premium 14, at Columbia College Chicago. I have a student that is using a photoshop bg and a maya level. When he renders it out as a Quick Time his looses the richness of the color…it looks dull.

Any help would be appreciated!


Thank you for the help!

We did try it with compression type Animation and so forth. But as long as we did a quick time it turned out dull.

We used tga and tif files and then rendered in After Effects as a windows media file and that seemed to work.

Thanks again!

Yea it’s a common thing that occurs with quicktime and gamma shifting.

When you do export movie select compression type to be Animation, and change depth to millions of colors+ and quality to best.

Personally I skip that compltely and instead render out a png sequence and then assemble it in premier. This way the export is exactly what i need without any compression/color problems (I use a png4 sequence).