Quick Start Tutorial Onion

I’m using Toon Boom 7.1. I just started the Quick Start Tutorial, Rough-Oldman. The tutorial literature says/shows that the previous and next drawings should appear in Red and Green respectively when using the Onion Skin.

Mine are black. I have checked Edit > preferences > LightTable and made sure that the proper settings are selected per the user manual. The settings are correct, but the drawings are still black.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Your graphic card may not entirely support the full OpenGL feature set. Try going into the preferences of TBS and on the “Display” tab setting the renderer to Direct3D or Quartz (depending on if you are running Mac or Windows).

All this assumes that your previous/next drawings are under the same element column instead of in different element columns as this is a common error that many animators new to the software make.