quick question

I draw a character, object with the pen set at say 9 to 12 size. You want to reduce the size of the drawing and make some changes after reduction. suddenly the pen size isn’t matching up … how do you work around that?

If you’re working with the pencil tool, then you can always select your lines after you’ve drawn them and set them to a new number. If you’re working with the brush tool, however, you will no longer be able to adjust the size of the lines after they’re drawn - you would have to use the Contour Editor to adjust your lines.

If you’re using the Pencil/Line/Ellipse/Rectangle/Polyline tools, then simply select your lines with the Select tool. In the Tool Properties view, if you scroll down then near the bottom you will find “Pen Selection” and you can adust the value for the thickness of your lines here.

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