Quick preview problem


I make an animation with a caracter and a bitmap background. The background scroll right ot left. When I make Quick preview lot of time the playback was slow. It is a video card problem? I have an ATI X600.



A Quick Preview is actually a rendered Flash that is done on your machine. The only reason I would see of it slowing down would be related to you computer running low on virtual memory (maybe the project if very heavy and you have a couple of other software running).

One good thing to try to confirm that is to try reproducing the problem on your machine. When you do get the slowdown, export your animation to Flash (swf). Then keep everything opened and try to open the swf you have just created. If it is running slow too then there is problem some shortage on memory on your machine. You can fix that problem by adjusting the virtual memory amount but before going in details I just want you to try reproduce it first.

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