Quick Preview not displaying Skeleton correctly

So I’m a bit of a newbie to TBS - I’ve done some very simple work using the cut-out method previously and I thought I would try out using a skeleton instead.

So following this tutorial - http://download.toonboom.com/files/tutorials/studio/TBS_BonesTutorial.pdf I gave it a go - but having real problems when using Quick Preview or exporting to a file.

So to briefly recap the steps I took :

  1. Created 5 different png’s in a paint program (left arm, left leg, etc).
  2. Imported these as separate drawing layers, they came up massive when importing, so I shrunk them down in Toon Boom using the Transform tool.
  3. Separated all the limbs apart - added a skeleton Effect.
  4. Added the drawings to the Skin Group on the skeleton.
  5. Added the bones to each limbs and then parented them accordingly.
  6. Used the Bone Manipulator to move the limbs back to the body ready to start animating.
  7. Created keyframe at the start, moved along the timeline and started moving limbs and creating more keyframes.

Now when I preview the animation in the timeline, frame by frame, everything looks great - however when I try to do a Quick Preview - the textures for each drawing are all over the place - i.e. half the right leg drawing is shown on top of the body drawing. On top of that, I’m getting white spaces randomly drawn on top of the animation and a lot of the textures are deformed or missing completely.

Now I went back to basics and redid all my steps for a simple image I drew on the canvas, added bones and this appears fine in the quick preview - makes me think the problem lies with the files I am importing in, but I don’t understand what the problem can be if it is showing fine in the timeline. Any help would be appreciated