quick preview in version 4

I have recently upgraded to version 4 and when I try to play a quick preview I get this message: Adobe Flash Playback must be enabled in the Quicktime preferences for the preview to work. When I refer to the read me file and follow the instructions to tick the relevent checkbox in the preferences the box does not exist.
I am using a g5 running mac os 10.4.10, can anyone help? :frowning:


Try the following:


If you still have difficulties let us know.

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Do you have the latest version of Quicktime? I was having the same problem all of a sudden when going to TBS v.4 from previous versions even with Flash playback enabled. I updated Quicktime from v.7.1 to 7.2 on my Intel iMac and the problem disappeared.


Thanks for the promt reply.
I have tried the following and there dosen’t seem to be an option for
"Enable playback of Flash tracks"

1. open the Quicktime player
2. click on the Edit->Preferences->Quicktime Preferences menu option
3. select the Advanced Tab
4. check the option “Enable playback of Flash tracks”

Sorted!! upgarded Quicktime to the latest version and it all works fine thanks everybody. :slight_smile: