Quick Preview in TBS v.4

I just got TBS v.4 and discovered that Quick Preview is no longer functioning on my Intel iMac. I read the Read Me file and was already aware that Flash playback needs to be enabled in Quicktime preferences. I enabled that long ago and Quick Preview continues to function properly in TBS v.3.5.

Why would Quick Preview work in v.3.5 and not in v. 4?

Any help would be appreciated.


Using TBS 4.0 / iMac G5 (Intel) / OSX 10.4.10 / Wacom Intuos 2

So far everything is working nicely (including Quick Preview).
Isn’t it just a beautiful piece of software…

Well, no idea really why it doesn’t work.


PS: Still only the wacom-driver 6.0.0-3 is working properly with release 4.0

Hi Ron,

Not quite sure what could be in cause but one thing you might want to uninstall your Quicktime and reinstall a brand new version.

Let me know if it is any better.



Thanks for the responses, Nolan and Ugo. I decided to upgrade my OS to 10.4.10 and Quicktime to 7.2. Now Quick Preview is functioning properly in TBS 4.

Although I haven’t had much time to play with v.4 yet, one very minor detail that I really appreciate is that sound playback gets automatically turned on when importing an audio file. If I recall correctly, sound needed to be turned on manually in previous versions. I also love the new UI and the feathered edges feature. I’m sure I’ll find many more things to like when I’m able to spend more time with it.