quick preview crashing on me/movie size

Hello. I’m trying to get a preview of my new movie with the quick preview option and I usually have to “force quit” on my mac after fifteen minutes of ToonBoom going into limbo. I’ve imported a couple of illustrator drawings but they shouldn’t be that big. I’m on my way out the door but I’ll try optimizing some of the objects when I get back. Also, I’ve imported a few things as textures in my palettes that I haven’t used. I can’t find a way to delete those but that wouldn’t be connected(with the size of my movie) if the textures aren’t actually being used in my cartoon would it? thanks. mm

The way to delete a color or texture created in the Color Palette on Mac is: select it, and hit control key+clic, this opens a menu, select Color/Delete Color.
If the deleted texture were applied to any area of a drawing of the project, the area appears red painted and must be repainted.
If you haven’t used the imported textures those wouldn´t be connected to the size rendering project. Only in the size project (.tbpd/Textures folder size)
Generally, is convenient to work with scenes as very short as possible to avoid problems with memory in the rendering or previewing, especially if used bitmaps in any way.
You could also make changes to your display preferences so that achieve the best performance in memory usage on your computer. I hope that helps. Yoryo

Great. thanks. mm