Quick Keys not always working in Animate 2,0

I am learning from a tutorial on rigging and making symbols, but when I hit F8 to Create Symbol nothing happens. I have to go to Edit or to the binocular-like icon on the top to create a symbol. Does anyone know why this doesn’t work? I see that F8 is listed in my preferences for creating symbols.

Thanks very much this is helpful. I don’t want to turn off the Mac Functionality keys. That worries me. I think the first suggestion is probably what is happening here. I am using the Flash interface and I bet the instructor is using the Toon Boom interface.

If it says it in your preferences then it should work. A couple of things to be aware of:

What set of shortcuts do you have enabled? Some people are using the Flash-style shortcuts, and some people are using the Animate-style shortcuts, so make sure you’re using the same shortcuts as the person who’s doing the tutorial.

Next thing to double-check is whether you at any point modified your shortcuts. You can reset them to default by opening up your Preferences window then clicking the “Restore All Defaults” button.

Last thing is if you’re using something like a Mac for example, the operating system kind of “takes over” the functionality of some of those F keys. So you might have to turn off the basic Mac functionality.