Quick (free or cheap) app for Scene planning??

Hi, does anyone know where i can download a small app for quickly sketching out ideas, instead of opening up TBS? I don’t like loading the ‘mothership’ simply to sketch out some momentary ideas and what-not. I’ve tried Pencil, but it’s just to unstable/buggy. A program like that would be exactly what i’m talking about, but minus the bugs. Something free or very inexpensive would be nice too. TIA…


Hi Tim,

That sounds like a good idea, please mention what type of hardware/gadget you intend to use such an app on.

Hi Debbie,

What do you mean by hardware/gadget?
I was going to use the small app to jot down ideas i came up with, then after i have a lot of very raw ideas i would use Studio to mature those ideas to completion.


Many people use SketchBook Pro for capturing thumbnail sketches and for quick sketch work.

Product Info SketchBook Pro

Hope this helps - JK

Yeah thanks JK. That’s what i need. Thanks again…