Quick and easy transform

Hey all!

So I used to use Photoshop to board and one of my main go-to tools was ‘transform’; just a quick keystroke and whatever layer I was woking on was transformable (scale and rotate). Is there a similar SBP tool? What I’ve been doing is using the Select/Lasso to circle what I want and then finessing the selection, but it’s just not as quick-and-dirty. Surely some board-jockey out there as a workaround! Thanks everyone!

Storyboard Pro doesn’t have the transform tool but the selection tool will do the job. It changes what it is doing depending on which control handle of the selected object is selected and if it’s a corner one, where the cursor is in relation to the handle… It can act as a resize/scale or rotate tool.

In the preferences, on the Tools tab you will find a preference to turn the lasso tool into a freehand region select as opposed to a boxed region. You will also find an option here to have a rotation lever explicitly placed on your selected object.

Thanks rkriz!