Questions on base vs pro version

Hi. I am looking at Storyboard and Storyboard Pro. There are three items in the comparison chart that I don’t understand.

* Display video safety and 4:3 safety in a widescreen project

* Import Final Draft Script

* Send storyboards to Toon Boom Digital Pro, Opus and Harmony

I’d appreciate it if someone could explain those items.


Hi Mike,

Here is a quick explanation of the 3 features

*Display video safety and 4:3 safety
This is for animatic purpose mostly. Those are grids that you can activate on top of your storyboard to make sure that the framing on TV will be correct.

*Import Final Draft Script
Final Draft is actually a scripting software. Basically the we allow to import material that was done in their software.

*Send to Digtap Pro/Opus/Harmony
This feature allow you to export your storyboard file our animation software so you can pick up from the animatic and animate from that point on. Digital Pro, Opus and Harmony are 3 of our professional solutions.

Hope this answers your questions.

Best regards,


Thanks, Ugo! One more question about the export. Does that mean that I could not export to ToonBoom Studio 4.5?



The regular Storyboard can only export to PDF and image sequence. You could use those images and the PDF as a reference to create your Toon Boom Studio project as you would with a traditional storyboard if you are to work with Studio.

If you have Storyboard Pro you could either export to SWF or Movie and recover the Storyboard in Toon Boom Studio to have the timing information added.