Questions from a novice.

Hi all.

I’m simply trying to put lip synch/mouth shapes on X-sheets that will be used by 2-D animators.

I’ve never used this software before so I have many questions that seem stupid. Apologies in advance if they are.

1) The animators will work on doubles, so how can I make the auto mouth shapes appear on every odd numbered frame without deleting every second mouth shape manually?

2) Looking for a preview head to test the lip synch, all I can find is the tiny image in Layer Properties. Is there something bigger I can use?

3) Is there some way to highlight certain frames (or select the start and end points) on the X-sheet and only play those frames over and over without having to re-select them? Scrubbing is okay, but not quite the same thing.

4) Is there a quicker way to change an auto mouth shape without getting the original suggestion within brackets? For example, changing a B mouth to an A mouth by typing on the cell in the sound column on the X-sheet results in “A (B)”. I can go the long way with clicking on Animation/Lip synch/Change mouth shape to…/select new mouth shape, but it seems very slow when the auto lip synch requires so many changes.

5) Finally, how can we designate who the lip synch is for? It would be good if we could type the name of a character in the sound column just before their lip synch begins. If I have two characters talking at once, or one character talking immediately after another, things could get confusing and reshoots cost money.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions,

I went through this and while I don’t understand some of it, I think I can help you with a few things.

You can go ahead and set your characters on Two different layers. I always have my mouth shapes on its OWN layer, and floating in front of the headshape towards the camera, so its seen by the viewer.

Its pretty easy then to assign different lip sync to different characters that way.

However, if you’re talking about you have two characters with their lines being read on the same file - you’re doing it wrong. YOu need to split the audio into TWO files if you’re using the automatic lip sync feature.

Character A: Hey mate hows it going" Character B. Pretty good!

Thats the wrong way to do it, because if you go to automatically lip sync character A with this file, you will have character A saying character B’s lines as well.

Best way to do it is to split:

Character A. Hey mate, hows it going
Character B. Pretty good!

You just have to keep at it mate, their are tricks to using TBS - but its a wonderful program!