Questions before purchasing

I have a few questions before purchasing…
As an individual still developing animation skills what is the learning curve of ToonBoom?
What is the monthly cost?
What type of animations does ToonBoom make?
What companies use it?

With no animation experience, figure 2+ years of committed focus on learning the process. Don’t expect to dabble a little then produce a TV show. There are a lot of FREE tutorials on the Toon Boom website and on YouTube.

Vector, bitmapped, frame-by-frame, cut-out paper doll style rigs, etc.

It is on page 1

If you cannot spend 5 minutes browsing the website which displays all of the answers to your questions you should not waste your time and money with animation. It takes time and effort to learn the software and to create animated drawings once you know what you are doing. But if you are not curious enough to browse the website for a few minutes don’t bother…seriously…don’t bother.

oh Ampy, has anyone ever told you, you’re a grouch lol.
but yea- all that stuff is spot on. :slight_smile:

Thank you o0Ampy0o, I respect your honesty and you being real. Due to my inexperience with this and lack of research maybe I will give it a little more time and look a little more into it before deciding. But this is my dream and it is worth fighting for just like yours so I won’t just give it up so easily. I am thankful though for your honesty so have a good day! :slight_smile: GB

It’s fine :slight_smile: I needed to hear that