Questions about the new Toon Boom Animate

I’m not sure where to post this, but until it has it’s own forum…

1. Will there be a chance to upgrade Toon Boon Studio to Animate?


I’ve just been messing around with the program and wow! I was all ready to buy Flash Pro and now you guys are really making it a difficult decision for me…

Btw, I found a bug: When drawing, “Undo” turns off onion skinning. I have to click on another frame in the time line to enable it and then click back again.


I`m playing with the new program as well - and WOW too.

As I understand it: TB Animate fills the gap between TB Studio and TB Digital Pro.

Missing Feature: Import files form TB Studio and Animationsh into TB Animate.
Please, add the missing import-tool, so that a switch to TB Animate will be easier. :slight_smile: Thanks!

They haven’t linked to the Animate forum from the main site yet, but here’s the link:


I’m patiently awaiting an answer to Question 1 because I’m also interested in Animate now. Gully, keep it gully and let me know.

I too would be interested in an upgrade cost from TBS…

I’ve been playing with the free version of Animate. Wow! It is exactly what I was hoping for. I product in between TBS and Digital Pro. Now, I am waiting to see if they will offer an upgrade price for us loyal TBS users.


I’ve just seen there is now a cross grade price. Many thanks for this. I have just ordered.