Questions about importing old Toon Boom Studio projects into Animate...

I’m debating about whether or not to purchase Animate. However, there is one decisive factor in my decision about whether or not to purchase this software: the ability to import old Toon Boom Studio projects. I recently downloaded the trial for Animate, and looked at the import options. Unfornately, the trial version locks out the “Model” and “SWF” import options, which are the ones I need. Can someone tell me if:

A) “Model” allows you to import old Studio projects
B) If Model does furfill condition A, please tell me how well it works.
C) If Model doesn’t work, then I need to know of the quality of the SWF importing. Hopefully it works better than in Digital Pro - the trial version I tried of that program a few months back gave terrible, glitchy results (no frame markers, messed up bitmap imports, jaggity vector line, etc.).


P.S: if it matters, I’m currently using TBS V4.

A) No, models is not to bring Studio projectsModels is when you create a reference drawings in another scene and want to load it in the present scene (projet).c) The import SWF will be similar to Digital Pro. One thing about importing from SWF is that this format doesn’t allow to recuperate layers, camera movement, pegs and a whole bunch of stuff that would be in Studio or Flash. It’s a limitation of SWF format. If you try to bring back a SWF output in any programs (Flash, Studio, etc) you will have these limitations.By jaggity vector line I think you might be refering to the fact that Digital Pro didn’t do antialiasing while drawing. The final output is very good it’s just that it doesn’t work the same. In Animate there is an antialising applied by default but you can turn it off in the preferences to get the same look as in Digital Pro. You would turn it off to have faster playback. You keep it on for drawing usually.

Thanks for the response. Seems like Animate won’t serve me well after all; being able to easily bring in my old Studio projects and keep all of its information is a key feature for me. Why didn’t Toon Boom implement some sort of import feature? It would’ve enticed old Studio users like myself to upgrade to the more advanced program.

I think it’s because it’s a huge task as both software use totally different technology. But who knows if there is a lot of demand…

Well, I would like to voice my support for an “import-script” or “feature” importing Toon Boom Studio files into Animate…Using Toon Boom Studio since about 2003…Lot’s of projects and templates have been saved…Importing those files into Animate would be indeed an “enticing feature”.CheersNolan

I’m with Nolan here. How powerful is Animate’s scripting language? Is this something that can be accomplished by users?

It can be done by users but you have to know javascripting and you can look in the Help for examples and the list of special toonboom functions. It is not like Flash scripting it’s more to create columns, change properties in the layers (nodes), extract information, automate some tasks, change values of functions curves, set resolution, etc.