Questions about creating an animatic

I have a question on my own, and I decided to post a thread about this (so if anyone trying to make his animatic in Storyboard Pro encounters a problem, he/she can ask a question here, and somebody who knows the answer to help them). So, here’s my question. I want to turn one of my storyboards into an animatic. My first panel shows a wide shot (bird’s eye view) of a desert road and a car speeding on that road. So, I try to make the shot more interesting combining camera zoom and movement (following the car), and also the car movement on the road. All this in the first shot. But I can’t seem to handle myself with all the tools. I watched all of the tutorials, made some simple shots, but I can’t do this one. My BG and the car are on different layers, I tried everything (making the first shot in two panels, first making the camera zoom, and then the camera following the car), but it just don’t work the way I want it to be. Soooo, if someone knows how to help, I’ll be very thankful.

The movement itself is actually quite complex but the way to proceed with this is to first make a Background layer and then to use the Camera Transform tool to make the first position (green box) the initial position and the final position (green box) the zoomed-in position.

After this the car goes on another layer and will be moved/resized using the First-Frame Transform and Last-Frame Transform tools to define the initial and final position/size of the car.

If the movements and pans are more complx than position to position, you may need to define the movements across several panels to capture the full