Hello. I am using the premium trial for toon boom. I have around a 1300+ frames and, I am planning on buying premium, and I really need to bring all my trial work to the payed version for a really important school summer project, and if I don’t submit it I will be kicked out of my advanced classes. This is my last day of the free trial.

What is your question?

Based on what you said in your post maybe this will be useful:

Everything you create with the Trial version can be opened with the paid version. Just leave it all in place after the Trial expires. When the paid version is available and running on your system open the paid version, navigate to the project file and open it. You should be good to go continuing onward.

If this thing is getting large consider where you might be able to break it into smaller project files. Everything will have less chance of hiccups while work is in process. At the end you could piece it all together before turning it in. If you are turning in the rendered animation and not the Toon Boom project files for the assignment you would be better off using a video software to piece things together.

Thank you soo much for all that help, but how am I supposed to break my project into pieces.