Question!! Please Read!!

Hello, I’m a huge anime fan and I’ve created a manga that I’d like to adapt into an anime. Does Animate Pro have the ability to create animation that fits the manga artstyle, especially for things like lip sync and fighting?

I want my anime to look similar to this, now the artwork isn’t a problem, its just the animation:

So can Animate Pro produce the quality shown in the video above without reducing the quality and uniqueness of the Japanese artstyle?


It’s not the tool, it’s the animator. Any animation program can do what your asking for. Besides anime is made using the technique Frame by frame. I hope that shed some light into your situation.

you should be able to.

It depends. If you’re drawing just about everything, then you pretty much can. say for example, you draw all the character animation, backgrounds and effects like the speedlines and dust clouds. Then you could use animate pro to control things like the timing of the drawings (how long they are held), the camera moves (you could also manually add camera shake to make it tremble) and multiplane to simulate parallax for background elements (you could also do the same for characters), you’d use animate pro to move the dust clouds laterally and even fade them gradually using the network panel. You could also use the glow module to add super luminous effects to forcefields and blasts. I havent used the lip syncing feature, but it has one.

Also, do you have a list of things you are looking for that you can list?

but for the most part, you should be able to anime.