Question on video tutorial Chapter 51 - Setting the Pivots

I have a question on the tutorial pack 9 (rigging) video. In chapter 51, setting the rigging, the narrator comments that she’s demonstrated how to set the hands. I’ve been following along with the videos for Animate and skipping the ones that are specific to Animate Pro. Were the hands covered in one of the Pro videos? How about the mouth and eyes?


Hi!I think its covered in Pack 9, Chapter 51…about 2 minutes into the video.//Kallis

You’re right, but I mispoke - in Pack 9, Chapter 51 she says that creating the drawings for the hands were covered in a prior tutorial. So, I’m wondering where the different hands were discussed. Same for the eyes and the hip. The narrator references the hips later (when discussing pegging) but I haven’t seen where they were created (or why).


Hi,For the hands, the narrator is actually referring to Pack 8 - Character Breakdown Part 2 - Chapter 43 - Creating Extra Drawings.As for the hips, they were added afterward when it was noticed that it was missing. There was supposed to have a mention of it in the tutorial but it actually never made it.The idea of the hips is that it gives you a drawing where to attach the legs without attaching them to the body which can be annoying when animating.Marie-Eve