Question on Tut Video "Creating Templates"


On the “Creating Templates” video (no. 55) I followed what Lilly did exactly, and I got my character templates with the Master Peg on top, but then in subsequent videos I see that Lilly has everything grouped under a Group Layer.

My question is whether that’s important or not for cut out animation and why.


Thanks! I will wait to see if there is anything further.



What you are pointing out is true. Sorry for the confusion. The video 56 is done in Animate Pro. All the concepts work no problem with Animate, but with Animate Pro, there is a Group module not used in Animate.

To answer your basic question, NO it is not important at all when working with Animate.

If you are working with Animate Pro, it is highlighly recommented to have a Group. To do so, you have to follow the Animate Pro videos. (The ones marked with a PRO icon)

I will see if we can add a note to the video to avoid any further confusion.

Thank you for bringing this up. It will help us improve the quality of the tutorials.





PS. Love the videos

Always happy to hear that! :slight_smile:



Hi - it’s actually not me that does the videos, it’s a girl from the Documentation team - let me pass on your question to that team and they can get back to you with an answer. :slight_smile:

What I would say is that it’s generally useful to keep characters in groups to keep your Network View organised, but this is for Animate Pro users only.