question on pencils in ch4 of getting started guide

when i use the pencil tool on the second layer, i get a dialog saying that i have to select view → show strokes. otherwise, i can’t see the lines that i’m drawing with the pencil. am i doing this right?

the instructions say to “click to set a point along your drawing and then pull away from it while holding down the left mouse button.” how the heck do you manage to do that with the pen on a wacom tablet? i can rotate the pen to put the clicker under my thumb, but then it’s really awkward to draw with.

this is with animate v1.

Hi mdhender,
If you have your pencil (or pen) stroke set to 0 you will be drawing with ‘invisible strokes’ which is great if you draw characters/objects without outlines. You can turn your strokes visibility on and off by either selecting view→show strokes in the menu, OR pressing the K key on the keyboard (the shortcut). Or you can change the stroke size of your pencil if you would prefer to draw characters with outlines.

As for editing drawings with the wacom tablet and pen, you shouldn’t need to click the wacom pen’s button at the same time (unless you have configured your pen to do it in system prefs). Just put the pen on the line and drag the line where you want it to go, just like you do when you’re drawing. Just make sure you have the contour editor tool selected when you’re doing this. :slight_smile:

thanks, you resolved both of my question!

some things are really obvious once you get a good explanation