Question of Coloring in Multiple Key Frames?

Hello I’m finally getting the ropes of Toon Boom Digital Pro (great program by the way). However I’m curious if I can color in something in multiple keyframes at once. For example say if I’m animating a ball and I move it keyframe by keyframe. Is there a way to select all the keyframes at once and click on one of them and paint the ball in that selected keyframe and with that all of the balls in all of the keyframes are painted as well just from that one swoop?

Take a look at PAINT ALL in the Cartooning in ToonBoom WIKI -JK

Sounds like what I what but it doesn’t work. When I slect paint and press “Crtl” and "Shift"the other keyframes remain unpainted. I even used the closed gap tool.

Are you using Studio or Digital Pro? If Studio, it should work, if Digital Pro, it may no be the same keyboard short cuts as Studio. They are completely different programs. -JK

I’m using Digital Pro.

EDIT - While in this thread is there a way that I can continue on a new frame with the previous drawing automatically pasted on the new frame?

I suggest that you switch to the Digital Pro forums and ask your questions there. You will be able to get answers form people who actually use the same software. Digital Pro Forum-JK