QUESTION: Changing scale...


I have created a walk cycle consisting of about 7 different elements. Some are parented etc. I have saved it into my library to work with the cycle on different Toon Boom files.
However, when i drag it from the library to the Exposure Sheet, the walk cycle takes up most of the screen. Is there a way i can change the scale of ALL the walk cycle animation??? as the ways i have tried have either changed the scale of part of the animation. Or during the during the walk cycle the character moves about the screen.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

In the timeline drag your whole walk-cycle into a “master-peg” / collapse that peg /
select the Select-Tool (6), hold down the shift-key, and drag the corner-handle.

When you’re happy with the size of your walk-cycle, drag that collapsed master-peg
into your Global-Library / save the Library.

Drag that walk-cycle from the Library into the timeline at the end of the first cycle, to repeat the cycle / repeat this action as often as you like.

If needed, select the Select-Tool (6) again, and resize your whole element /
(you can always go back to this elements at any time and change the scale).

Drag that element into another peg and animate (keyframe) the movement.



It had been irritating me for days!! I had tried searching everywhere on what i was doing wrong! Greatly appreciated Nolan!

I am working with illustrator files in TBS, and have just read on this forum that its best to save illustrator files as a PDF. However, how do i constrain proportions so my lines in Illustrator stay the same thickness when i change the scale in TBS!?!?

Well, if I use Illustrator (CS), I import the .ai-file, everything imports beautifully…
Haven’t found anything wrong with the line-thickness yet…
If one “zooms-in” or “scales-up” the lines stay naturally in the proportion of the image…
(the closer you get, the bigger the line… “magnifying-effect”)
Please render your view, to see the “real beauty” of lines and image.


Im still having trouble, but can live with it. Its no biggie.
Thanks again for your help!!